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PašmanThe island of Pasman is located in the Zadar archipelago. Middle Channel separates it from the Long Island and Kornati National Park, and Pasman Channel separets it from mainland and town of Zadar. Above the canal Mali Ždrelac is a bridge that connects the islands of Ugljan and Pasman. Buses link the ferry ports at Preko (Ugljan Island) and Tkon (Pasman Island). There are numerous ferry connections to the mainland on the lines Zadar - Preko and Biograd - Tkon.

Otok Pašman i Kornati u pozadiniPasman embellishes blue sea and a variety of rocky and sandy beaches. Sea current is constantly circulating around the island, changing direction every 6 hours, making the water particularly clean. On the north-east side of the island of Pasman, facing the mainland are numerous sandy beaches, as well as almost all the settlements. The other side of the island is mostly rocky coastline with clear sea. Pasman is a green island, dominated by olive, aleppo pine, strawberry - maginja, oak, and various bushy plants.

Good traffic connections with the mainland allow you to easily go to summer festivals in Zadar and Biograd, as well as a day trip to one of the nearby national parks: Kornati, Paklenica and Krka.

Pogled sa Sv. Mihovila prema juguSv. MihovilBesides the sun, sea, summer festivals and boating excursions, you can spend the holidays in exploring the hiking and biking trails. We recommend a trip to St. Michael fortress above Preko village, on Ugljan Island. The experience is better when you reach it on foot, but you can get to the top in a smaller car too. Fort St. Michael provides the best view of the Zadar archipelago. On the island of Pasman, you can go to the church of Our Lady of Loreto, located at the top of Mali Bokolj. The entire length of the road on southern part of island of Pasman offers a panoramic view to Kornati. That road has not yet been paved, so there are only a few cars that would be interfering with walking or cycling. Traditionally, one weekend in February or March hundredths of athletes and amateurs come to Pašman Škraping, trekking race in the hills and rocks along the shore of the island. In the summer time there are events like the festival in Kukljica with Donkey Race on 5th August, Tunuara fest in Kali, concerts in Preko and the the summer carnival in Ždrelac.

Villages on the island of Pasman, from west to east: Zdrelac Banj, Dobropoljana, Neviđane, Mrljane, Barotul, Pasman, Mali Pasman, Kraj, Tkon and Ugrinic.

Ždrelac - otok PašmanZdrelac is a village on the island of Pasman, near the bridge that connects Pasman and Ugljan. At the far western part of the island of Pasman and village Ždrelac is Gladuša. It is the only settlement on the island which is located on the outer side of the island, along the Middle Channel with a view to islands of Kornati, Dugi Otok and Iz.

In the village there are shops, bars, post office, and 3km from Ždrelac is Kukljica village where guests can find markets, bars, pastry shops, restaurants, disco club and various sporting facilities: mini-golf, beach volleyball, table tennis, rent paddle boats and canoes, and more.

Apartments Pasman

Apartmani More - Ždrelac, otok PašmanApartments Sea, private accommodation on the west side of the island of Pasman, with a view to Kornati, Dugi Otok, Iz, and Ugljan. Covered terrace, barbecue and the clean sea are the best prerequisites for a true break from urban stress.